We believe that Italian handicraft is synonym of perfection.

We design and realize curtain poles combining classic and modern inspiration, together with the unique shapes of Artistico design.

Since 1981 our laboratory makes unique italian handicraft curtain poles. Here, tradition and iron manufacturing meet innovative techniques. The experience of our team grants an extreme attention to detail and uniqueness; new lines for every style are the result of our precise and attentive work.

First, the metal is brought to high temperature by forging, then shaped with repeated hammer-strokes and finished in the details. At this point raw pieces are hand-decorated with different kinds of finishing using high quality materials. This is how the curtain poles and finials are created, from the classic lines to the most fancy, using Capodimonte porcelain, Swarovski crystals, Murano glass and gold leaf.

artistico lavorazione artigianale