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Concerned Parties: Internet navigators
Longo Carmine as Holder of personal data processing, according to and for the effects of UE regulation 2016/679 , here and below named ???GDPR???, state above regulation protects concerned parties in respect of personal data processing and such process will be inspired to fairness, lawfulness, transparency and to protection of your confidentiality and your rights.
Your personal data will be processed according to law regulation of above-mentioned legislation and to confidentiality obligations as required.

Purpose of data-processing: in particular your data will be processed with the following purpose related to implementation of obligations as required by law and contractual fulfilment.

  • Technical and functional access to the website : no data are kept after the browser is shut down;
  • Statistics and study purpose of navigation and users.

Data-processing, operational to perform such obligations, is needed to a fair management of relation and its transfer is compulsory to carry out the above-mentioned purposes.
The Holder hereby declares that possible wrong or no communication of any of compulsory information may cause impossibility of the holder to guarantee the adequacy of processing itself.

Mode of processing. Your personal data might be processed as to the following mode:

  • By electronic calculators using operated software systems or directly programmed;
  • Temporary process in anonymous form.

Any process will be undertaken complying with article 6.32 of GDPR and with adoption of planned security measures .
Communication: Your data will be transmitted to appropriate actors duly named for the fulfilment of needed actions for a fair management of relation with guarantee of protection of subject concerned rights.
Your data will be processed by personnel expressly authorized by the holder, in particular by the following categories of staff:

  • Programmers and Analysts

Your data may be transferred to a third party named as data-processing head, particularly to:

  • Google Analytics: Analytical/Measurement/Optimization

Distribution: Your Personal data will no distributed in any way

Your personal data might be transferred, respecting the above-mentioned purposes to the following Countries only:
– UE Countries
– United States

Storage time: Complying with principles of fairness, limitation of the aims and minimization of data, under art. 5 of GDPR, storage time of your personal data is established for a time period not exceeding the completion of the service provided.

Handling of Cookies : Should any doubt or worry about cookie use occur, you may always intervene blocking the setting and the reading, for ex. changing privacy level in your browser to block certain kinds of cookies.
Because of different setting in each browser – and sometimes even between the versions of same browser – you may refer to the guide of your browser in order to get detailed information as to the right way to proceed. In order to have an overview of action mode for the most common browsers you may visit
Advertising companies enable to give up the receipt of targeted advertisements, should you wish. This will not avoid cookie setting but interrupts the use and the collection of some data from those companies.
For further information and waiver option visit
Controller : Data management controller , in accordance with law, is Longo Carmine (Via Repubblica, 16 , 13866 Masserano (BI); e-mail:; telephone: +39 015 99150; VAT: IT01736850023??).
You have the right to get from the company controller, deletion (right to be forgotten), limitation, update, amendment, portability, opposition to processing of personal data of your concern, further to exercise the rights under articles 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 of GDPR.

Regulation UE 2016/679: Artt.,19,20,21,22 Rights of concerned parties

  1. The concerned party is entitled to to obtain confirmation of the presence or not of concerned personal data, even if they are not yet recorded, and its communication in comprehensible form.
  2. The concerned party is entitled to obtain indications:
    1. Of the source of personal data;
    2. Purpose and mode of processing;
    3. Applied logic in case of processing made by electronic instruments;
    4. Identification reference of the controller, of the officers and of the representative named according to art.5,comma 2;
    5. Parties or categories of parties personal data may be communicated to or that may be aware of, in quality of representative appointed in the territory of the Country, of officers or in charge people.
  3. The concernerd party is entitled to:
    1. Update, amendment where required, data integration;
    2. Cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the block of data processed in violation of the law, including the ones storage is not necessary, in relation with the aims they are collected for or subsequently processed;
    3. The statement that operations referring to letters a) and b) are brought to attention, its content as well, of everyone data were communicated to or released, exception done if such compliance seems impossible or requires extremely excessive resources compared to the protected right;
    4. Data portability.
  4. The concerned party has the right to object, in whole or in part:
    1. For legitimate reasons to personal data processing relating to him or her altough relevant to the purpose of collection;
    2. To the personal data processing relating to him or her for the purposes of sending advertising material or direct selling or to carry out market research or commercial communication.